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A New Career was Born for 95 Year Young Poet – Irene Backalenick

The old adage “you are never too old” holds true – we are not too old to exercise, to paint, to knit, to color or even to write poetry. Irene’s first poems were written after her husband Bill died in June 2015. The art form was “like a release,” she says. Poetry gives her “a chance to be absolutely honest about my life”. Her poems include things she never told anyone. She thinks it’s important for poets to read their own work. “I’m very conscious of tempo and beat,” she says. “I want to hit the reader unexpectedly.” Resident friends and staff here at The Watermark at 3030 Park are very proud of Irene’s accomplishments as a poet. Even at 95, she offered encouragement to someone who expressed interest in writing poetry saying, “Maybe you can do it in your old age”.

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