Category: Memory Care

February 13, 2019

Thriving in our Memory Care Gardens at The Watermark at 3030 Park

In December The Watermark at 3030 Park hosted their first Gardens Art Reception under the direction of Clare Chapman, our Art Therapist. The reception highlighted beautiful works of art created by our Gardens residents (our memory care community). Infusing art and education provides an easy way for creativity and intellectual potential to be unleashed. The […]

December 26, 2018

Moving Mom Into Memory Care at The Watermark at 3030 Park, Thoughts From A Grateful Daughter

My name is Jennifer. My mom has been a resident of The Watermark at 3030 Park for the past 4 years. My mom has Alzheimer’s disease. She came to The Watermark in their independent living and purchased the life care benefit option In 2014. Over the years, mom's disease has progressed drastically requiring her to […]

November 2, 2018

The Watermark at 3030 Park Italian Dinner for our Memory Care Community – “Buona Giornata” – Good Day!

It was a "good day" spent with good friends, good food, entertainment, and education. What more could you ask for? As Italian tradition goes food is a big part of Italian culture. Our Gardens (Memory Care) community here at The Watermark at 3030 Park celebrated, Italian style by going to a favorite local Italian restaurant […]

October 27, 2018

Residents and Students Build Memories and Friendships at The Watermark at 3030 Park

At The Watermark at 3030 Park we believe that it is very important to provide programs that bring both the younger and older generations together and our intergenerational programs do just that. The Gardens (our memory care community) was visited by the Build On Students from Bridgeport Central High School. Collectively they participated in an art program where residents and […]

September 10, 2018

The Watermark at 3030 Park Shares Emotional and Physical Benefits of Pet Therapy for Memory Care Patients

Are you an animal lover? Here at The Watermark at 3030 Park Gardens, our Memory Care community, we love providing our residents with the sense of home life. Pet therapy is a great way to have our residents reminisce and share stories of past or present pets. Our lovely Volunteer Kathy Mitchell provides just that with the help of her beautiful pet […]

August 29, 2018

What Is A Naya In Our Memory Care Community at The Watermark at 3030 Park?

It is a beautiful day in The Gardens, a uniquely designed and freestanding memory care community on the  campus at The Watermark at 3030 Park, where residents are thriving under the support and direction of our Nayas. What is a Naya? A Naya is an ancient term for a guide, person of wisdom, and a leader. […]

March 20, 2017

Painting Instruction

Residents of The Inn and Gardens enjoyed a step-by-step instruction based painting class hosted by the Giggling Pig. This lesson was painting a dandelion blowing in the breeze and residents got to take these paintings back home with them. Giggling Pig will be back on May 17th at 3:00pm in the Health Center.

October 24, 2016

Halloween Prepping and Special Guest Entertainer Moses!

This Friday, buildOn students visited our residents in the Health Center and helped out with a variety of programs. Some students helped with an exercise program in The Gardens. The rest helped the residents of The Springs make hidden message pumpkins to hand out for our Trick-or-Treating event on October 29th. For happy hour everyone […]

September 26, 2016

Mandalas & Coffee

Adult Coloring is a great way to relax and move into a meditative state. Benefits of coloring include: * Improved Moods * Promoting Socialization and Reminiscing * Stress Relief * Improvement of Hand-Eye Coordination * Promotes Mindfulness * Providing a Sense of Accomplishment Mandala Coloring is available throughout The Watermark on various days in the […]

September 23, 2016

A Visit Back in Time

Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts is a wonderful way to step back in time to early 19th-century rural Village. Costumed historians, antique buildings, water-powered mills, and a working farm. Residents of The Inn and Gardens enjoyed visiting with historians, watching cows being milked, observing a blacksmith working on horse shoes, and visiting with the many horse […]

September 21, 2016

Blue Spruce Farm Therapy Horses

Here at The Watermark at 3030 Park, we have many avid animal lovers! Smaller animals are always coming to visit our residents. Whether it is a family member's dog, therapy pups, or the curious creatures from Animal Embassy, we constantly have animal visitors. However, horses are a little tricky to get through our community's doors, so […]

September 12, 2016

Animal Embassy

Residents from The Inn, Springs and Gardens were able to experience feeding and interacting with some "Alien Invaders" from Animal Embassy. Animals from this included a Monk Parakeet, who should have been in Brazil, and came to live wild in Connecticut, as well as Cane Toads, a Green Iguana, a Red-eared Slider and a couple more furry […]

July 14, 2016

We Do Memory Care Differently

Throughout its nearly 30 year history, Watermark has sought ways, large and small, to enhance the well-being of our residents and associates. Success is mostly measured in the strong and durable relationships between residents and associates that bring with them trust, comfort and more than a bit of warm fun. Particularly in our Memory Care […]