Equine Therapy Outing to Blue Spruce Farm

According to a Ohio State University study, horses help reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s dementia. After learning of this finding we decided to plan a trip for our Gardens’ residents to visit a local farm. Blue Spruce Farm in Monroe fit the bill, it was easily accessible and all of their animals were rescues. The residents all had a great time learning about the horses, their care and how they were rescued. We watched in amazement as our residents were coming to life.

One resident, who no longer talks, was smiling the entire time as she brushed a Princess Pony named Daisy. Residents conversed amongst themselves as to how beautiful and loving the animals were. They were especially thrilled to learn they were in the presence of race royalty as they were introduced to Hallo, a relative of Secretariat. This was a day well spent.

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