Getting To Know Technology at The Watermark at 3030 Park

Have you ever asked your children or grandchildren on how to search the internet or use Facebook, how to login to email or open a link? If so you are not alone which is why when you need help learning how to use basic technology, The Watermark at 3030 Park Independent Living has an answer!

The new small group program “Technology Time” helps residents with simple-as-possible technology knowledge with guided step-by-step instruction in a small group setting.  Residents come to the 45 minute class with their device, laptop or notepad ready to learn. Technology Time is extremely helpful as we realize a major reason for not going online for most older adults is that they either “didn’t need it,” didn’t see the benefits of it, or didn’t know how to access it.  Technology Time helps address all of these issues.  We look forward to the next session so our residents can get plugged-in online and continue to learn and grow!




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