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Partner Program Induction Ceremony

On Wednesday, October 26th, 2016,  The Watermark 3030 Park held their first induction ceremony into the first level of the Partner Program. Eight associates who had been nominated, were chosen to enter the Partner Program as a Senior Level Associate. The supervisor of each associate did a brief bio and explanation as to why the associate was selected to be in the Program.

Senior Associate Inductees:
Marine Beckford- LPN
Amanda Figueroa – Server
Monica Grable – LPN
Catherine Hales – Community Life
Johanne Henry – CNA
Monica Suciu – Cook
Amanda Teixeira – LPN
Kristine Mabesa – RN

For participating in the Program, each associate will receive rewards during their time served as a Senior Associate.

The food and beverages were great and everyone had a good time.

Go back to Life at The Watermark

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